May 132011

Zainal and songket couldn’t be separated, then Palembang man who is very creative is so called Zainal Songket. And, that’s became his trademark.

Today, Songket not should be fitted with a kebaya or baju kurung. Zainal Arifin offers a new innovation design for Muslim who want to looked more fashionable.

In the Islamic Fashion Festival 2010, Zainal was featuring some of Muslim fashion design made by Songket. Songket apparently not only beautiful to the official party, but can also for Muslim fashion.

Zainal try to show motive songket in different variations. In maroon red blushed, songket motifs adorn appear at the bottom of the skirt, wrapped around the waist, wrists and neck. It looks beautiful and harmonious for a party or subject to other formal events. It’s even more luxurious.

Songket motifs adorn the chest of the young green dress with a collar covering the entire neck that was given sweetener a little lace. While parts of the left and right side of the waist too ornate motifs songket as a sweetener. Songket motifs also become beautiful and attractive appearance for head coverings.

Wrapped in a blue sky, the motif embedded in the chest tied into the middle of the bolero, as well as at the waist is made as wide as 10 meters to make the display appear slim. And, songket motifs also a sweetener in the arm.

Songket motifs appear in black cloth wrappings. With parts of the front section, which reveal the inner songket motive reddish color, add a beautiful appearance.

Songket also look beautiful for the overall look of your outfit. In the light blue color, this songket almost appearing intact.


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