May 042011

Edelweis, At The Eastern of Surya Kencana (Photo: Zachri B. Kumoring)

Have you ever imagine standing in the middle of a vast prairie, cold and foggy, with towering mountains surround you and beautiful perennial flower beds scattered everywhere? As far as the eye could see, you will see only blue skies and breath-taking scenery, far from the city bustle and noise vehicles sounds.

The valley of Surya Kencana. Yes, this is where you can experience all the beauty, serenity, and tranquility. This is where you can feel so small as a creature of God, because the mountains that surround you are stand so proud, and meadows so widely spread, makes us feel so small and meaningless.

The eternal flower, Edelweiss. (Photo: Zachri B. Kumoring)

The valley is situated at the eastern side of the summit of Mount Gede, surrounded by mountain namely Gede, Pangrango, Gemuruh, and Geger Bentang, in Gunung Gede National Park area, West Java. Surya Kencana valley covers 50 hectares of wide and flat grassland at an altitude of 2,750 m a.s.l.

This site is one of the most targeted areas by hikers in the park. Every visitor who climbed Mt. Gede Pangrango, surely will spend time to visit the valley, whether to simply stop, or overnight to enjoy a cold night at the height.

The blue sky blended with eternal  flowers bed [Photo: Zachri B. Kumoring]

Historically, Surya Kencana is the son of Prince of Aria Wiratanudatar (founder of the city of Cianjur) was marrid a princess of genie. Prince of Surya Kencana has two sons: Prabu Sakti and Prabu Siliwangi. The saddle-shaped stone was left up by the Prince of Surya Kencana and still exist up to present, i.e. Dongdang Stone, located in the middle of the square and reputedly guarded by Eyang Layang Gading. While the water resources in the middle of the valley, according to legend is the source of water for drinking and bathing.

You do not need to be experienced trekkers to get to the valley, even those who never climbed the mountain are able to get to this site as long as they has excellent physical condition. The valley can be reached through two routes, which are Cibodas and Gunung Putri. For those of you who want to directly get to the valley may choose the Gunung Putri route from Cipanas city. The trip will need about six hours trekking. However, for those who want to enjoy the other beautiful besides Surya Kencana, you can choose Cibodas route, hike to the summit of Mount Gede with spectacular scenery for more than nine hours, and down into the valley of Surya Kencana.

Mount Gede Seen From Cipanas  (Photo: Zachri B. Kumoring)

One thing that important to remember, if you wish to visit the valley, you should bring safety and sufficient equipment. Moreover, if you wish to overnight, since the wheater could instantly changed from sunny to heavy rain, and the cold of night can reach 3 degrees Celsius!

If the weather is clear, you can enjoy the beautiful sunset and at night you can view the citylight of Cianjur. The beautiful flickering lights from the distance seems so romantic blends with the dark and cold of night.

The valley of Surya Kencana always bring special memories. The blue sky, grasslands and flower beds of Edelweiss, a unified symbol of eternal love, is a special attraction for those who witnessing. For the trekkers, desires to always return to Surya Kencana, feels like home sweet home.


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