May 262011
The Minister of SOE Mustafa Abubakar and Minister of Culture and Tourism Jero Wacik wearing Batik

The Minister of SOE Mustafa Abubakar and Minister of Culture and Tourism Jero Wacik wearing Batik

BATIK, is not only beautiful for clothes, bags, or other clothing products. It’s also beautiful and attractive looking to coat the body of train. Well, with the respect of its beauty, the State Enterprises Minister, Ministry of Transportation and the Ministry of Culture and Tourism launched a railway carriage with batik motifs. In the future, they will apply this idea to other transportation mode like aircraft or taxi.

Previously, batik train has been launched at the Regional Operations II Bandung, 15 February. Batik was chosen because it has become a world heritage and has been recognized by UNESCO, in addition to wayang, keris and angklung.

The train motif arranged in Argo Jati serving Jakarta-Cirebon majors and Argo Lawu serving Jakarta-Solo, using the motif ‘Langlang Jagad‘ symbolized by the three powers of animal magic.

While the Argo Jati presenting Singa Barong motif. It’s a symbol of friendship between nations. With this motive, the railway is expected to be a means of transportation that can serve people from all walks of life. Last Friday, Argo Jati was disclosed to the public. The SOE Minister Mustafa Abubakar, President Director of PT. Kereta Api Indonesia (KAI) Ignatius Jonan and Minister of Culture and Tourism Jero Wacik launched these trains at Gambir station. The train has eight carriages even this seems lovely. Side of the carriage decorated with batik motifs so it looks like ‘gloved’ by batik cloth.

According to the Commercial Director of PT. KAI Sulistyo Wimbo Hardjito, making the train motif takes about two weeks. The workmanship performed by students of Fine Arts ITB. “The carriage motif, located at the dining car,” Wimbo said to TNOL.

KAI welcomed the launch of the train motif. For them, it is a form of support for the preservation of national culture. “In addition, the success of Wonderful Indonesia 2011. And, we hope that this train can popularize clothing batik as well,” said president director of PT. KAI Ignatius Jonan. While the Minister for SOEs Mustafa Abubakar said, it does seem simple.

But in fact such measures are very important and strategic. “Because of batik has been established as an invaluable cultural heritage by UNESCO in 2009,” added Mustafa. Mustafa reminded the people of Indonesia to disseminating cultural heritage in massive and sympathetic way. (FGD)



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