Jun 182011

Larantuka, in addition to have a specific nature and stunning beaches, it also has such unique tradition, which will leave a lasting deep impression for the closeness of our relationship with God…

Did you know? The island of Flores in East Nusa Tenggara province, turned out to be one of the regions that is able to meet the needs of the travelers who seek the beauty and uniqueness as well as natural beauty, exotic marine, ecotourism, cultural and spiritual pilgrimage!

One of the uniqueness that can be found on Flores is the tradition of Semana Santa, Holy Week celebration culminating in a procession of Good Friday for Catholics, which is held in Larantuka each year.

This is a unique tradition of Portuguese heritage, who still being carried on in Larantuka. Every year, on the eve and during the celebration of Easter for the Catholics, this heavenly beach town of the eastern end of Flores Island is flooded with tens of thousands of pilgrims from various cities throughout the country, even from abroad.

Larantuka, in that week will become a “silent city”. The pilgrims seemed to move in solemn silence to keep pace with “the soles of suffering until the funeral procession of Jesus’ done on such unique tradition of Larantuka.

In the recent years, Semana Santa of Larantuka itself has been included in the agenda of tourism for the tourists who are ‘in search for a pure source of spiritual life’. A number of travel agencies in Jakarta, Yogyakarta, Denpasar, Kupang and some other cities have even routinely put Semana Santa of Larantuka into their annual Spiritual Tour Package.

Larantuka, the capital of East Flores regency itself is a beautiful place of the old settlement, with the architecture of the city that still largely remains the hallmark of Portuguese culture. Located at the foot of Mount Ile Mandiri (1,502 meters above sea level), the city is protected by two small islands in front of it, namely the Adonara and Solor Islands, which is only a few kilometers away from Larantuka.

In the middle of the two islands lies a small sea with narrow straits like a lake. Naturally, Larantuka is a very beautiful tourist destination. As a port city that is not too large, Larantuka also shows great views surrounded by hills and Mount Lewotobi that is dimly visible in the west, which will dazzle your eyes.

In addition to the Semana Santa procession which remains conserved until recently, exotic beaches and the mix of Portuguese culture and local culture – which this year has entered its 500th year, have made Larantuka as a great tourist attraction that is unique and exciting. So, let’s make Larantuka as one of your vacation destination!

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