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Backpack is definitely one of essential equipments for backpackers. Once you missed it, you’ll lost your adventure!

Backpacking in Europe

Every year, there were always backpackers who lost their backpacks and left bad memories on their journey.

Backpackers are often attracted local residents’ attention, especially when they visit a poor or developing countries. For example, their digital camera could be worth the equivalent of a year local residents’ income. The threat of loss or theft is getting apparent in places visited by tourists where locals could be jealous to backpackers’ attitude.

Hence, backpackers don’t need to be worry for any theft of their belongings. The key is not to show yourself up as an easy target. Here are some tips to secure your backpack.

1. Keep your backpack closed. This may seem so trivial, but once you are drowsy or even fall asleep at a bus stop within minutes, or when you put the backpack away while studying the map, you actually provide opportunities for others to take your backpack.

2. Be ultralight! A full backpack is a mouthwatering target. When you carry a heavy backpack, you must be frequently put your backpack on the floor. Backpacking in Indonesia

3. Don’t look like a target. Leave your expensive jewelry. If you present an image of wealth, someone will be very interested in your bag

4. Beware of your attached sign or identification label. Logos like “IBM” or “Nokia” are signaling that it could be an expensive electronic equipment in the backpack.

5. When packing, put valuables in the bottom of backpacks and coats it or wrap it with unwashed clothing. If if thieves ripped backpack with a knife or razor blade when you’re in a crowded place, hopefully they just get dirty clothes only.

6. While riding in tuk-tuks, motorcycle taxis or other open transport (mostly in Asia), make sure your backpack straps wrapped or tied around the shoulders or legs if possible. It’s a common in some countries the modus operandi of thieves on motorbikes while robbing a backpack and run away.

Backpacking in Guatemala7. Make sure your name, address and your email account on the label actually printed on his backpack. Avoid using label that are tied to the backpack strap, because it may be dropped or damaged at the time of your backpack move into luggage. With the label of identity seen in the backpack, if your backpack is missing, the probability to be found will be higher.

8. When riding a bus for a long time, try to sit on the same side as your backpack that is stored underneath in the cargo hold, so every time the bus stopped, you can easily monitor and make sure your backpack is not lowered.

9. Wherever possible use travel insurance that also provides protection for your backpack. It is necessary to add a little more spending, but the important thing is that you feel comfortable.

10. Treat your travel backpack like your best mate. While you travel, it is your home. Always be aware of where it is and try to keep it close.

All of these tips may seem like an ordinary things, but the theft or loss of your goods during the trip (even including the passport) may occur in just seconds!

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