Jul 102011

Laguna Helau is a resort located on the beach, situated in the village of tight Kalianda South Lampung district, which is not far from Port Bakaheuni.

Laguna Helau has been designed as a Sumatran fishing village, with natural wooden cottages perched on high columns. The cottages are elevated to take advantage of the spectacular views to the sea and the surroundings natural .

Cottage-Cottage of the Sumatran architecture with typical room spacious and open, especially on the veranda. A restaurant is available for visitors who provide snacks and seafood. Each cottage consists of 2 rooms and 4 beds built with wood construction. The location overlooking the south coast of Lampung Bay with a background cluster of islands including Krakatoa. Laguna Helau only 30 km from Bakauheni or 57 km from the city of Bandar Lampung, Lampung, Indonesia.

Six of the cottages are a spacious 144 metre squares that can accommodate up to eight guests. Each is furnished in wood and it features four free-standing bedrooms and an open space living that consist of a living room and a dining room. The cottages are fitted with two modern bathrooms each with a shower, a gas-stove kitchen and a mini bar. Dining wares and cooking utensils are provided.

With elevated balconies built on columns and sliding wooden doors that reveals outdoor decks and his & her divans each cottage opens up to magnificent views of the sea and has the mood of an over-water accommodation.





source: http://indraiwan.blogspot.com/search/label/Laguna%20Helau

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