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A very distinct Ngurbloat beach in Kei Kecil island, South Moluccas, Indonesia. Natural beauty in the East!

Ngurbloat beach/Courtesy of National Geographic

Pantai Ngurbloat or Ngurbloat beach has the smoothest sand in the world or as it is known by the locals of Tual as Pantai Pasir Panjang, located in Ngilngof village in the western part of Kei Kecil island. It is blanketed with sand beach sprawling 5 kilometers long, thousand of coconut trees are in parade along the shore, crystal clear blue sea water and also relatively calm wave so all these will make you want to stay as long as you can. This area is still very natural and is a beautiful destination with an easy access for the locals on this Kei Kecil island.

Evenmore, sand in Ngurbloat beach is such bright white color yet very smooth. In overcast condition, beach sand stays sparkling and can be too shiny to stare at. While under hot scorching sun, it is interesting to know that its sand does not become warm like many other sandy beaches in different parts of Indonesia. Local people believe that their beach sand is very smooth and its smoothness is similar to flour. Indeed, it makes Ngurbloat beach so distinct. For visitors who bring along their small children, do not forget to bring tools for playing with sand. Such smooth grains of sand can make your skin comfortable when you touch them.

Obviously you can swim in this particular area. The location is quite safe and spacious since Ngurbloat beach is not steep. The small islands just across the beach will not make wave and its current big enough. There are rooms available for rent around the beach itself. The accommodation is usually in the form of tropical wooden stage house on the western shore of Kei Kecil island and it is about 20 kilometers from Tual, the capital of Maluku Tenggara (Southeast Moluccas) Regency. You can travel there by renting a car or taking public transportation which is stationed at Pasar Ohoijang, Langgur. It will take approximately an hour from Tual to Ngurbloat beach. Along the way, you may see several small villages in between land full of bushes

It is predominantly coral sand on Kei Kecil island so that only certain plants can grow there. It is rare to see big and lush trees. In order to go to Maluku Tenggara (Southeast Moluccas), visitors can fly or ride a ship from Ambon. If you choose to fly from Pattimura airport, Ambon then you will spend 1.5 hour to reach Dumatubun airport, Langgur. There are different airlines serve this specific route almost daily. If you prefer to get on a ship, so you will depart from Yos Sudarso Harbor, Ambon to Tual Harbor and it will take 18 hours with a ship owned by PT Pelni. You will have a transit in Banda Naira Harbor for 2 hours and ship service is only available once a week.


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  2. nice Place to visit.. it’s about 25km from my God Father Home..

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