Aug 242011

Indonesia has a lot of great islands. One of them is Weh Island, the location of this island is in the west of Indonesian archipelago. Actually, all people infamous with this name, the famous name is Sabang. It has the great panorama and exotic culture.
Sabang, the exotic island.

We always listen the popular song, “dari Sabang sampai Merauke…”. I forgot the title is. Hahaha.
Sabang is the big city in the middle of Weh Island. It has a lot of great panorama, the most beauty beach, exotic culture, and friendly people of course.

There are many attraction and a lot of beach offer in Sabang. Gapang, Iboih, and many beauty beach you can see it in Sabang. Attractions in Sabang is still natural, both the potential contained in the land (mountains) and marine waters. And Sabang has the natural panorama popularly called ‘paradise under the sea’ in the region Iboih and Rubiah Island.

A list of tourist attraction that became an asset or a mainstay attract tourist visits, among other things Iboih Island, Rubiah, Klah, Lhueng angen, beach Tread Elephant, Anoe Itam and hot water baths, Gapang beach, and Kilometer Zero monument .

And of course, Snorkeling and Diving. You will not regret it!! I guarantee it!! My friends from Norway, Ana and Thea told me that when they were in Sabang, they really love their quality time there. They spent their time with Snorkeling and Diving, because it has a great panorama under the sea.

Source: Untold Story


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