Sep 112011

People who live in slope of mountain which is known as good farmers and ranchers, have another passion, namely art. A variety of traditional and contemporary art shown by artists from Mount Merapi, Merbabu, Andong, Sumbing, and Menoreh Mountain, when they enliven the  Festival Lima Gunung (FLG) X – or Five Mounts Festival,  in Keron sub-village,  Village of Krogowanan, Magelang Regency, Central Java. 

FLG marked the opening hair-cutting ritual belongs to Ipang, an artist from the Community Wonolelo, bandongan, Magelang. Ritual titled “Reborn” by cutting the hair using Bendo (machete).

The gamelan echoed accompanying the ritual. In fact, some of artists, such as Sumarno (Mt. Sumbing), Riyadi (Gejayan Merbabu), Sitras Anjilin (Padepokan “Tjipta Boedaja”, Merapi), Pardi (Mt. Andong) joined the procession.

The Coordinator of Organizer and President of PLG X Ismanto Sutanto Mendut walked around Keron sub-village, where the venue ran.  Along the road, the people welcomed with joy, and dissolve in a procession around the village.

The artists held jathilan, to welcome the Five Mountains Community Magelang. A warm welcome was rewarded the artists by holding an art happening. The artists played a puppet dancing and singing to the rhythm of the gamelan.

According to Sutanto, this action is the spontaneity of an artist to appreciate the remarks of citizens. Art need not be restricted because of the art identification cards can penetrate the barriers and celebrate the difference made ​​by men.


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