Sep 212011

Krakal Beach, located in the Village Krakal Ngestirejo Kelurahan, Kecamatan Tanjung Sari, Gunung Kidul (Wonosari) or 37 kilometers south of downtown Gunungkidul. Krakal beach is white sand beaches of the most beautiful, among the entire stretch of beach along the coast of Yogyakarta.

Distance from Yogyakarta Krakal beach approximately 70 kilometers ( to the southeast From Jogja) and can be completed in about 2 hours. Krakal way to the beach is also across the hills – a limestone hill, interspersed with terraces – the terrace rock. This is characteristic of the area Wonosari.

When you come from Jogja, you’ll find a Baron beach and beach Kukup. Krakal beach can be reached via the road along the six miles of Kukup beach area, so it is a chain of Krakal beach trip after visiting the beach Baron, Kukup beaches, Drini and Sepanjang beach.

Based on geological studies, in ancient times, this area is a base of the ocean by removal process that occurs in the earth’s crust, seafloor are more and more high and finally appear as highlands.

The beauty of green lime-scratching hill with blue seawater offers a perfect harmony, which is very natural and ideal for sun bathing. Krakal beach mostly is a white sandy beach in Yogyakarta area.

There’s a development now because of its beautiful panorama of the southern sea. It should be careful here because it has big wave and the texture of the beach which are rocks meet the sands.



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