Sep 022011

AS young people who care about the environment, the London School of Public Relations (LSPR) Climate Change Champion Community (4C) will organize an international activity called the Asia Pacific Youth Assembly (APYA) on September 6 to 10, 2011.

Various activities will adorn the event and at the peak they will hold the Green Carnival 2011. The event is open for public and free of charge.

“This program is intended for young people in Asia Pacific that have been elected, but the event is also open for public at the Green Living which takes place on September 10, from 10:00 to 20:00 pm,” explained the Chairman of LSPR 4C, Lidwina Marcella during her visit to TNOL newsroom.

In the Green Living later, said Lidwina, various entertainment events related to the environment will be displayed.

Starting from movie screenings, percussion music, bazaar and dance. Well, the first day itself will be the opening event, where the youth that have already been selected will come to Indonesia. There will be 21 people from five countries who will attend the APYA.

They have passed the test series such as making an essay about the environment. In addition, their age is limited to 24 years to be able to participate in the event. Then, they should also be aware of the environment as well as having a community.

The response of the Asia Pacific youths have also been very enthusiastic in welcoming the program. Moreover, they will not just participate in the meeting only. Rather, they also are required to contribute ideas and input in maintaining the environment. The issue rose to be one of the topics they will discuss on September 9 later, in the focus group discussion session.

“Each one of their representatives will be given the opportunity to communicate about environmental issues in his/her country. Of the sharing, we will then find the similarities so that we can take the action plan,” explained the woman who is usually called Cea, reassuring.

On September 8, the LSPR 4C will take participants to visit the Taman Mini Indonesia Indah (TMII). LSPR 4C will introduce the miniature of Indonesia’s natural beauty to them.

From the results of the visit, LSPR 4C will also hold a photo story competition for APYA participants. Therefore, participants are required to include three to five photos. Before the visit to Taman Mini, or on September 7, the LSPR 4C also holds a seminar by taking three sub-themes, Leadership Environment, Youth Initiative and Managing Environment. The speakers will be the experts in each field. (Sbh) (ms)


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