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Papuma beach is located in the district Ambulu and Wuluhan, Jember regency, charm presents its white sand and Cave Tour History of Japanese heritage. This beach is also known as White Sands Malikan. Named Papuma because this beach has white sandy beach with the expanse of stones which, when hit by a wave and flipped each other.

Papuma beach is a very exotic beach when compared with the existing beaches in East Java, because it has beautiful beaches and charming sea with turquoise beaches and a very fine white sand makes it much visited tourists from its own citizens as well Jember from other districts, and even from foreign tourists.

The beautiful white sand is pleasure to see and to walk on. The beach is always used as the place for sunbathing by foreign tourists. Besides its natural scenic beauty, it is also rich of animals, such as the lizard, forest cock, various birds, wild pig, deer porcupine, scaly anteater and many others. The scenery and atmosphere can be enjoyed more completely at a restaurant which provides Indonesian and Papuma food, a variety of baked fish. Visitors can reach the location by public transportation or via rental car. The journey takes approximately 30 minutes from Jember downtown.


The outer shoals are rough and frothy, with some larger waves battering against the defensive rock structures, creating a spectacular scene of natural power and pristine beauty. It is well-visited and for good reason, having much to offer in regards to history, sightseeing, dining and culture.

From Jember, a fishing village that has built up quite a bit, you can reach the Sukamade turtle conservation which boasts a beach on which sea turtles lay eggs every night. It is something of a task to reach, but always worth the effort. The variety of turtles that visit Sukamada Beach are, olive ridley, the hawksbill turtle, the green sea turtle and the occasional leatherback.


Papuma Beach is not a popular among the tourist due to the fact that it was not properly develop or promoted as a tourist destination. A small fishing village with a clean white sand beach, the Indonesian government has recently develop and begin promoting Papuma Beach as a tourist destination.

Several cottages and other basic accommodation has been developed and you can even get proper Indonesian food from several food stalls at the beach. However, we were still the only tourists there. The cottages looks quite impressive from the outside and the furnishings looks good as well. However, the bed fittings look and feel as though they have been there for awhile and it smells and feel dusty. The toilet is not totally covered which gives you a feel of being outdoor, however, one thing to be aware is that there are lots of mosquitoes around. There are also a lot of monkeys in the area and therefore, locking the door and not leaving anything outside of the cottage is recommended. The sun rises at about 5:30 am and there is a viewpoint towards the end of the beach where you can get a great view during sunrise. [from various resources]

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