Sep 272011

 Despite cycling is part of sport, however, it could be combined with traveling to one of magnificent tourist sites in archipelago. Well, it was done by Garuda Indonesia and cycling lovers joined in Garuda Group Cycling Community (G2C2) and Garuda Medan Cycling Club on 23th-25th September.

About 228 participants were recorded joined Tour de Toba, from cycling communities across Indonesia, according some officials of North Sumatra. No wonder, Tour de Toba will be Garuda tourism package in the future.

“Tour de Toba package is an initiative of General Manager of Medan Branch Office, Muchwendi Harahap and it welcomed by the Head Office,” Vice President of Garuda Indonesia, Don JP Bustan to TNOL in sidelines of Tour de Toba, on Saturday (9/24).

According to the man who is also incorporated in this G2C2 community, it’s not just Lake Toba who became one of their destinations in North Sumatra. Rather, some places such as the Brastagi for three days and two nights will be the next target. They will also make cycling package.

While chairman of the G2C2, Dedi Hermawan said, the current number of tourists visiting Lake Toba is decreased. The existence of the Tour de Toba at least will increase tourist visitation to Lake Toba. “Through this agenda we wanted to develop tourism in North Sumatra,” Dedi said.

For Dedi, the scenery of Lake Toba is very beautiful and the people are friendly. This is very different with the opinion of those who judge people of North Sumatra as a tough guy. And, the Tour de Toba will be their annual agenda.

To stretch the muscles, the participants of the Tour de Toba were having warming up first. They travel about 35 km, the first track was quite easy because it passed a smooth road. Unfortunately, a small incident occurred a few kilometers later, one participant dropped because it was very close to other participants.

However, participants who fell was not injured, he just got up quickly and nimbly back pedaling. Since the Tour de Toba is not a competition bike, the participants did not hastily pedaling. They casually cycling while enjoying the natural scenery of Lake Toba and Samosir Island.

Moreover, Samosir Island looks foggy atmosphere, thus making the atmosphere even more attractive. And, the first rest area, at the Museum Batak was just around the corner. The first rest area located 9.6 km from the start point.

Museum of Batak Tomo

Tomo Batak Museum of is one of the places, which is crossed by the Tour de Toba participants. Museum is comprised of several buildings, one building to store the collection, one building for a break and one building for the residence located directly behind the building to store collections.

“The museum built in 1986, and stores antique stuffs left by Batak people who lived in Samosir Island,” Mareleve, the Head of Museum explained to TNOL.

It takes 20 years to collect the stuffs. Marleve hopes the museum can encourage visitors to visir Samosir island. After a rest, participants continued their cycling and passing the off road along 7 km.


After passing the off road, the track continued to the second on road track along 17.4 km.Vice President Marketing of GI, Don JP Bustan said the track didn’t make him tired. “Frankly, the scenery of Lake Toba is beautiful, so it didn’t make me tired,” Don said. (Sbh) (rs)


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