Sep 212011

Wera waterfalls, located in Wera, Gawalise Mountains, Sigi Regency, Central Sulawesi Province. For the Wera, it takes approximately 1 hour from the city of Palu by car or motorcycle, then 45 minutes walking. The area is located at an altitude between 150 meters – 800 meters above sea level (asl) has a hilly topography and steep slope with a slope between 60% to 90%. 

We can enjoy the cool air and see the beauty of water falling from the cliff with a height of about 100 meters. 

However, tourists can also perform a variety of exciting tourist activities, such as bathing or swimming in the river where the water is cool Wera; climb the mountain to the top of the hill in the vicinity of the waterfall while enjoying the beautiful scenery, camping on the flat area in the north and in top of the hill near the hamlet Ngatapapu; and photo hunting natural beauty around the waterfall and the surrounding community life.

Springs from the waterfall is also used by local communities for their daily needs. The water is so cool and crystal clear water and surrounded by wild forest. There are no good road access for vehicles and path leading to the location of the waterfall, so if you intend to come to this waterfall, then you should be ready to be dirty through the woods, climbing rocks, and crossing rivers.

Despite it is quite difficult and tired to reach Wera forest, but the beauty of this waterfall was able to remove all tired and you will truly realize that God is the greatest artist.


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