Oct 202011

Beautiful with its natural charm, Pulau Merah fits for a family vacation and romantic couples who want to enjoy their honeymoon…

Pulau Merah with the stunning red sands

Located in the southern of District of Banyuwangi, East Java. Certainly, not many people have known the existence of the island called Pulau Merah (the Red Island, ed.). Even so, this island has attracted tourists through its small mountainous shape in the middle of its beach.

Known as Pulau Merah (‘Merah’ means red, ed.) because the edge of the beach rocks look like the soil’s color red. The amount of coconut and banana trees make the island looks lush. The blend of the crystal-clear water and comes with the white sands have added to the beauty of the island. Continue reading »

Oct 112011

Its blue water offers more experiences to people who wanted to have different sensation..

The North Sumatra coasts are less popular than Bali. However, don’t be surprised, who would have thought this island has an exotic beauty. Call it the fascinating Iboih Beach that attract visitors to come.

Evidently, many tourists come to relax on the beach, and having adventure in its tropical forests.

The beach is so blue, that the sea and sky color is difficult to distinguish. Iboih also has an amazing coastline with golden sand and a large stone structure. Continue reading »

Oct 062011

There are many of activities to welcoming the Batik Day on the Second of October, such as the World Batik Summit 2011 (WBS) held by Indonesian Batik Foundation.

Well, one of agenda in this world event was visiting the Museum of Textile. In this place, participants were introduced to various kind of Indonesian batik, particularly those made in Solo and Yogyakarta. Their arrival was in conjunction to Batik Exhibition called Sustainable Tradition, The World Heritage. Continue reading »

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Oct 042011

The beauty of the glittering sand on the beach, undoubtedly, has been an exotic appeal of the Beras Basah Island in East Kalimantan…

Beras Basah Island, so beautiful!

Kalimantan has a myriad of natural sceneries that are always stunning. One of them is the Beras Basah Island, an island with white sandy beach which is an attractive recreational area to enjoy the beautiful ocean views of the Makassar Strait. Continue reading »