Oct 112011

Its blue water offers more experiences to people who wanted to have different sensation..

The North Sumatra coasts are less popular than Bali. However, don’t be surprised, who would have thought this island has an exotic beauty. Call it the fascinating Iboih Beach that attract visitors to come.

Evidently, many tourists come to relax on the beach, and having adventure in its tropical forests.

The beach is so blue, that the sea and sky color is difficult to distinguish. Iboih also has an amazing coastline with golden sand and a large stone structure.

Iboih, beautiful beach with amazing scenery

Iboih, beautiful beach with amazing scenery

In addition, the towering trees of tropical forest are covering the beautiful sandy beach. In fact, there are some tourists who try to go up swinging in the trees or swim in the beach. Iboih is sometimes also referred as’ Teupin Layeu. “

Across the beach lies Rubiah island. Uniquely, tsunami wasn’t too much impact on this island because of its a hidden location.

Iboih, Sprawling in blue

So, enjoy the tranquile atmosphere here! (sbh) (rs)

source: http://www.tnol.co.id/en/travel-living/11327-iboih-where-the-beach-as-blue-as-sky.html

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