Oct 202011

Beautiful with its natural charm, Pulau Merah fits for a family vacation and romantic couples who want to enjoy their honeymoon…

Pulau Merah with the stunning red sands

Located in the southern of District of Banyuwangi, East Java. Certainly, not many people have known the existence of the island called Pulau Merah (the Red Island, ed.). Even so, this island has attracted tourists through its small mountainous shape in the middle of its beach.

Known as Pulau Merah (‘Merah’ means red, ed.) because the edge of the beach rocks look like the soil’s color red. The amount of coconut and banana trees make the island looks lush. The blend of the crystal-clear water and comes with the white sands have added to the beauty of the island.

In the eastern coastal can be seen such mountain ranges. While in the southern part of the island, visitors can enjoy the beauty of the sunset.

The development of the Pulau Merah has begun and the island has even been mentioned to be the perfect place for the newly weds who want to have such stunning honeymoon. In addition, the Pulau Merah is also intended as a destination for surfing. The atmosphere is cool and green mountains lined enhanced to make visitors as if being in heaven.

The island’s surfing conditions are suitable for surfers of various levels, from beginners to professionals. Other activities that can be done are snorkeling or diving.

For you who like fishing, can hire a traditional boat to get various types of fish as much as possible. Interested? Come and enjoy the beauty of the beaches on the Pulau Merah with your family and beloved ones! (ms)

Fun to surf!

The exotic Pulau Merah

For family and romantic vacation..

source: http://www.tnol.co.id/en/travel-living/11440-pulau-merah-heaven-for-the-newly-weds.html

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