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There are many of activities to welcoming the Batik Day on the Second of October, such as the World Batik Summit 2011 (WBS) held by Indonesian Batik Foundation.

Well, one of agenda in this world event was visiting the Museum of Textile. In this place, participants were introduced to various kind of Indonesian batik, particularly those made in Solo and Yogyakarta. Their arrival was in conjunction to Batik Exhibition called Sustainable Tradition, The World Heritage. The exhibition displays handmade batik worked by skilled hand of Trembono, Gunting, Siderejo, and Guluredjo Village.

The exhibition conducted in collaboration between Museum of Textile and Sekar Jagad Indonesian Batik Lovers.

Participants of the World Batik Summit (WBS) came from within and aboard, and they were so enthusiast in exploring the museum. Most of participants like batik or engaged in Batik world.

Upon arrival at the museum, they welcomed by Betawi ethnic music, Tanjidor. All the participants amazed with this music, especially the foreign. The organizer also presented the Batik dance figuring how to make Batik. The dance was performed by three dancers.

All three managed to attract the attention of the World Batik Summit participants with their graceful and supple movements. Besides, they were wearing very nice batik, alluring eyes of participants.

According to the Head of Jakarta Textile Museum, Indra Riawan, batik is one of Indonesia cloths besides weaving like songket, sasirangan, and others. Batik-making and its use declined inherited by our ancestors, then evolved with the times.

As one of the heritage of Indonesia, batik has its own characteristics and motives very different from factory-made textiles. “From a piece of batik, especially the traditional batik, radiated two of beauty, beauty that is invisible and the beauty of meaning contained in the motive,” Indra revealed.

The event itself was opened by the Deputy Mayor of West Jakarta, Sukarno. He hopes the exhibition of batik can be enlightening. As a sign of the opening of the exhibition, Sukarno had just cut the ribbon in front of the entrance to the exhibition.

The participants were then invited to look around the exhibition. The museum also has prepared a guide who is ready to explain about batik fabrics on display. And, the ‘Remaja Batik Indonesia’ (RBI) community also participated in the event.

The coordinator of RBI, Borzag Thiar Thaurus explained that his community frequently work together with the museum. In this event, they involve in directing the participants.

They also explain how to batik. They were not hesitate to demonstrate how to hold the canting and painting on cloth. In addition they also draw the pattern for the participants during the workshops batik.

Participants were very happy because they can experience how to make batik. Moreover, they could see the collection of batik inside Gallery and witnessed the talk shows on natural dyeing and artistic process toward to art industry.

Yusuf Effendi and Hendri Suprapto served as speakers in this talk-show and moderated by Syamsidar Isa from Yayasan Batik Indonesia. Then the participants were treated to traditional foods such as soto ayam (a chicken soup-like dish) and pecel (assorted steamed vegetables dipped in peanut sauce).

source: http://www.tnol.co.id/en/community/activities/11236-wbs-participants-visit-museum-of-textile-.html

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