Dec 162011

Kayaking on Toba Lake

The Samosir district administration in North Sumatra will build a geopark worth Rp20 billion to add to the Lake Toba region’s marine tourism potentials, a local official said here Thursday as quoted by Antara.

He said the geopark would be built around a location that was formed by earth formation processes thousands of years ago and it would eventually be managed as a nature conservation and tourism area.

“The geopark project to showcase Lake Toba is expected to be implemented beginning in mid-2012,” Samosir district administration spokesman, Gomgom Naibaho, said.

To realise the geopark project , the Samosir district administration had signed a cooperation agreement with the Agency for the Asseement and Application of Technology (BPPT) in Jakarta, Gomgom said.

“Samosir is now considered so important for geological research that it has been proposed for incorporation into the world geo park network,” he said.

Gomgom added the agreement signed with BPPT includes the assessment and implementation as well as socialization of the technology to support regional development. The goal was to develop the exploitation of the potentials owned by the region through increasing the capacity of the local people and institutions.

The scope of the agreement would be in the form of the development of regional innovation systems and technology policy assessment that cover innovation, diffusion, competitiveness and technology audits.

In addition. the assessment and application of agro-technology and biotechnology, technology assessment and application of environmental as well as natural resource exploitation.

“The application of industrial design and engineering information technology, energy and minerals will also included in the cooperation,” Gomgom said. ** [RS]


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  1. Ngedayung sendirian di tengah danau, gak takut capek? Keren pengalamannya

    Paket wisata karimun jawa, buka

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