Dec 162011

Sarman Pamungkas planting trees in the district of Bukit Batu, Palangkaraya. Photo: ultimoparadiso

Borneo forest, the second world’s largest lungs after the Amazon forest in Brazil. It can be said life of the world depends on the preservation of forests in Borneo. That’s why each of deforestation in Borneo is always in the spotlight, and the United Nations (UN) puts more attention on the sustainability of forest in Borneo.

In addition to efforts to prevent deforestation, the government through the Ministry of Tourism and the Creative Economy to build public awareness around for diligently planting trees. Tourism Awareness is expected to invite people of Borneo and awaken consciousness to preserve the forest by planting trees in Borneo. This was revealed by Sarman Pamungkas, Head of Media, Directorate General of Tourism Destination Development Ministry of Tourism and the Creative Economy.

“Forest in Central Kalimantan have preserved for mankind in the world, because it needs to be coaching in the community about the importance of going green. Tourism Awareness Movement is central to building the human resource (HR) in the area of ​​tourism, one of them diligent invites local communities to plant trees, “said Sarman during the training on Tourism Awareness Group (Pokdarwis) in Taman Gaul Km 21, District of Bukit Batu, Palangkaraya , Central Kalimantan, on Sunday (11/5/2011), as quoted by

Sarman continued, tourism awareness group is spearheading tourism destinations to provide awareness to people about the importance of tourism. So that people can feel the impact and benefits from an economic standpoint.

On the same occasion, Kardinal Tarung, Head of Tourism and Culture of Central Kalimantan to invite all the people of Central Kalimantan tourism awareness campaigns can perform all elements of society.

“Tourism has proven to lift people’s lives. Because this sector is able to move the wheels of the economy at all levels of society and have a direct impact to the welfare of the community. And able to encourage the growth of construction and regional development,” Kardinal explained. ** [rs]


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