Feb 122012

BEST 3 Meeting, for Bogor Eco and Sustainable Tourism

Bogor district, located near the capital Jakarta, has cool mountain air, a distinct microclimate and is a weekend retreat for many Jakartans. Bogor is also uniquely supported by distinctive social and cultural conditions, making it ripe for vast tourism development potential. These advantages have inspired many people to pioneer various tourism related businesses around Bogor. Unfortunately, Most of these projects have instead succeeded in creating mass tourism enterprises that tend to be detrimental to the environmental. A number of hotel villas have even been built in areas that should have been marked for preservation. Some of these have created enterprises such as night clubs and bars in sharp contrast to the surrounding serenity and prevailing cultures and religions. Continue reading »

Dec 162011

Photo: myearth.com

Friends of the National Parks Foundation (FNPF) is a local Indonesian not-for-profit organization that is doing extraordinary work in Bali and Kalimantan (Borneo). The organization was founded in 1997 by a group of veterinarians and conservation as well as community minded Indonesians.

FNPF’s strength is in creating community-based conservation. It combines programs that directly improve local community wellbeing through education scholarships, agro-forestry and eco-tourism in order to motivate and mobilize communities to protect wildlife, restore their habitat and support conservation work.  Continue reading »

Oct 112011

Its blue water offers more experiences to people who wanted to have different sensation..

The North Sumatra coasts are less popular than Bali. However, don’t be surprised, who would have thought this island has an exotic beauty. Call it the fascinating Iboih Beach that attract visitors to come.

Evidently, many tourists come to relax on the beach, and having adventure in its tropical forests.

The beach is so blue, that the sea and sky color is difficult to distinguish. Iboih also has an amazing coastline with golden sand and a large stone structure. Continue reading »

Jul 212011

Backpack is definitely one of essential equipments for backpackers. Once you missed it, you’ll lost your adventure!

Backpacking in Europe

Every year, there were always backpackers who lost their backpacks and left bad memories on their journey.

Backpackers are often attracted local residents’ attention, especially when they visit a poor or developing countries. For example, their digital camera could be worth the equivalent of a year local residents’ income. The threat of loss or theft is getting apparent in places visited by tourists where locals could be jealous to backpackers’ attitude. Continue reading »