Mar 222012

Bamboo rafting at Loksado by Nasrudin Ansori Kalimantan-Indonesia Gallery

You haven’t really visited Kalimantan until you’ve visited its rainforests. But the question for most tourists is, how?

While the third-largest island in the world is filled with exuberant tropical rainforests, many of them are remote and not easily accessible from major cities. The ones that can be reached tend to be wildly overgrown with no guided paths. For the casual tourist, this makes seeing the island’s greatest treasures a logistical nightmare.

That’s where Loksado comes in. The tiny village, situated about 171 kilometers from South Kalimantan’s capital Banjarmasin, has become a meeting point for those wanting to explore the wilds of Kalimantan without getting lost in the wilderness. Continue reading »

Dec 162011

Sarman Pamungkas planting trees in the district of Bukit Batu, Palangkaraya. Photo: ultimoparadiso

Borneo forest, the second world’s largest lungs after the Amazon forest in Brazil. It can be said life of the world depends on the preservation of forests in Borneo. That’s why each of deforestation in Borneo is always in the spotlight, and the United Nations (UN) puts more attention on the sustainability of forest in Borneo.

In addition to efforts to prevent deforestation, the government through the Ministry of Tourism and the Creative Economy to build public awareness around for diligently planting trees. Continue reading »

Apr 262011

Who says Batik is only exist in Java?

Sasirangan cloth, for example, that categorized as batik clearly comes from Borneo. Originally, Sasirangan used or its believed to cure people who suffered from a disease (pamintaan); the cloth also used during traditional ceremonies Banjar tribe. The dye used for Sasirangan usually taken from the natural dye materials, such as ginger, water of banana tree, and pandanus.  Continue reading »