Nov 112011

Traveling inexpensively and healthy, is to ride the bike!

Photo: Doc. Bikepacker Indonesia

Indonesia is a country that is known to have so many outstanding natural beauties, with not a few forests that are still virgin; the mountains are also beautiful though sometimes they threaten with their activeness, and the dazzling blue seas with stunning coral reef gardens. Overall they are the charms that have strong magnet, which have made a lot of tourists from foreign countries came to visit, and even some were willing to settle down.

From all the matters, then comes the community of Bikepacker Indonesia (BPI), which is the community that likes to travel by bicycle. Why bicycle? Well, due to cycling, the community members feel it will make them become closer to nature that they enjoy much. “With cycling, we could actually have direct contact with nature, of which we enjoy much. This, of course, will be different if we are traveling by car,” said Hendra Revellino, one member of Bikepacker Indonesia. Continue reading »

Sep 272011

 Despite cycling is part of sport, however, it could be combined with traveling to one of magnificent tourist sites in archipelago. Well, it was done by Garuda Indonesia and cycling lovers joined in Garuda Group Cycling Community (G2C2) and Garuda Medan Cycling Club on 23th-25th September.

About 228 participants were recorded joined Tour de Toba, from cycling communities across Indonesia, according some officials of North Sumatra. No wonder, Tour de Toba will be Garuda tourism package in the future. Continue reading »