Nov 092011

With a great house reef in front of the diveshop and a couple of turtles living in the bay, Gapang beach is a perfect place for snorkeling and long relaxed shore dives.

Gapang Beach

Situated in Pulau Weh or Weh Island –  a small island off the northern tip of Sumatra. The northern most point of the Indonesian archipelago is known as kilometer zero,or KMZero – Gapang Beach is an unique beach, with white sand halfway around the bay, surrounded by large overhanging trees; the ‘Gapang’ trees. So you can choose to sit on the beach in the sun, or in the shade of these grand old trees.

Only 15 to 30 minutes drive from the town of Sabang you will be able to enjoying the beautiful scenery of the beach. From the ferry port at Balohan, Gapang beach can be reached by car in 45 minutes. Continue reading »

Jun 192011

The status of Karimunjawa as one of the preserved national marine park in Indonesia gives evidence on how beautiful the underwater life is in the islands. No need to rent high cost diving gear or search for a specific location just to view forest of colorful coral reefs and all their inhabitants.

Karimunjawa is and island chain stretching in a northwesternly direction 83 km from Jepara. Central Java. This archipelago is a cluster of 27 island in the java sea. The reefs are a mixture of fringing, barrier, and patch with bottom depths ranging from 15 to 40 meters.  Continue reading »

May 172011

Wakatobi area.(ANTARA/Zabur Karuru)

Wangi-wangi, South East Sulawesi (ANTARA News) – A number of regents and mayors from six countries of Coral Triangle Initiative (CTI) began a round table meeting at Wakatobi, Southeast Sulawesi province, on Monday night.

At their four-day meeting to end on Thursday, they will discuss a wide range of issues including food security, global climate change, energy scarcity, and environmental issues. Continue reading »

May 012011

Operating a dive resort that provides discerning travelers with a great diving holiday is our core business. At the same time, the issues of marine conservation and community development remain a key inspiration and driving force behind all our efforts.

Recognizing the need for sustainable marine resource protection within the Wakatobi region, the Collaborative Reef Conservation Program was developed by the founders of the Wakatobi Dive Resort in consultation with local leaders and village elders. Continue reading »