Oct 032011

Written by: Junaidi Arif/Burung Indonesia

While it is famous for its prehistoric reptiles and now one of the 28 Finalists for inclusion as one of the New 7 Wonders of Nature, Komodo on the island of Flores has a number of other potential tourism attractions of spectacular natural beauty.

One of them is Mbeliling Forest, an area with a unique ecosystem and culture that make its place very worthwhile visiting. It is one of the main natural resources for the inhabitants in and around the Labuan Bajo area. Continue reading »

Jun 262011

Waerebo village

The traditional village of Wae Rebo lies in the heart of Flores island, East Nusa TenggaraIndonesia. Perches high on the cool Todo forest, Manggarai, Flores, one of the unique offers of this village is its professionalism on handling tourists. This is result of an advance understanding and implementation of community knowledge management: turning knowledge into community asset.

Previously unexplored, the village holds probably the only traditional houses in Flores. These houses are not the oldest but built by following original design and following traditional norms. The village – as in other areas in East Nusa Tenggara province – is bound to tradition and culture. Continue reading »

Jun 182011

Larantuka, in addition to have a specific nature and stunning beaches, it also has such unique tradition, which will leave a lasting deep impression for the closeness of our relationship with God…

Did you know? The island of Flores in East Nusa Tenggara province, turned out to be one of the regions that is able to meet the needs of the travelers who seek the beauty and uniqueness as well as natural beauty, exotic marine, ecotourism, cultural and spiritual pilgrimage!

One of the uniqueness that can be found on Flores is the tradition of Semana Santa, Holy Week celebration culminating in a procession of Good Friday for Catholics, which is held in Larantuka each year. Continue reading »

Apr 242011

Written by: Ng Sebastian

This white-sand beach is on Rutong Island, which is part of Riung Nature Conservation Park. Rutong is very close to Oting, the small village barely visible on the far left edge of the picture lost against the backdrop of the hills of Tadho

When I was a tour guide, I used to joke with my clients that there are two things that make Indonesians different: sarung and kampung (or sarong and kampong). A sarung is a brightly coloured woven fabric worn by both men and women in Indonesia and elsewhere in Southeast Asia. The word kampung is similar to ‘village’ in English. Most Indonesians have a kampung asal, or village of origin. Wherever they live and whatever they do, they can usually trace back to their village of origin. Basically, if you have a friend who claims to be Indonesian but has no sarung and kampung, then she or he isn’t a true Indonesian.