Mar 222012

Bamboo rafting at Loksado by Nasrudin Ansori Kalimantan-Indonesia Gallery

You haven’t really visited Kalimantan until you’ve visited its rainforests. But the question for most tourists is, how?

While the third-largest island in the world is filled with exuberant tropical rainforests, many of them are remote and not easily accessible from major cities. The ones that can be reached tend to be wildly overgrown with no guided paths. For the casual tourist, this makes seeing the island’s greatest treasures a logistical nightmare.

That’s where Loksado comes in. The tiny village, situated about 171 kilometers from South Kalimantan’s capital Banjarmasin, has become a meeting point for those wanting to explore the wilds of Kalimantan without getting lost in the wilderness. Continue reading »

Oct 042011

The beauty of the glittering sand on the beach, undoubtedly, has been an exotic appeal of the Beras Basah Island in East Kalimantan…

Beras Basah Island, so beautiful!

Kalimantan has a myriad of natural sceneries that are always stunning. One of them is the Beras Basah Island, an island with white sandy beach which is an attractive recreational area to enjoy the beautiful ocean views of the Makassar Strait. Continue reading »

Jul 062011

Indonesia, owns incredible natural resources. Not surprisingly, this country is also known as the ’emerald of the equator’.

Call it, Komodo National Park, which is currently one of 28 nominations of 7 Wonders of Nature.

However, it turns out, in addition to the Komodo National Park, there are many beautiful and wonderful regions in Indonesia.

Ary Suhandi, Director of Indecon, a nonprofit organization that focuses on developing ecotourism destinations in Indonesia points out that in addition to the Komodo National Park, Indonesia actually has many places that also have the wonders of nature.  Continue reading »

May 292011

Coelogyne pandurata (black orchid)

Jakarta (ANTARA News) – Kalimantan Island (Borneo) is one of the world`s flora center because the diversity of trees in a small plot of land in the island`s forest equals to those in the whole Papua or South America, according to the forestry ministry`s a press statement.

The Island has the richest flora on the Sunda Islands because it has 10,000 to 15,000 special of floral plants.

The flora diversity on the Borneo island is as rich as those in the whole Africa, which is 40 times bigger than Borneo. Continue reading »

May 272011

Aiming high: An artist performs a traditional Dayak dance at the festival, last Friday. Photo by Steven Pantak

Thousands of people in traditional Dayak costumes marched down the streets of Pontianak, while a number of youths, wielding daggers and blowpipes, danced on top of vehicles with graceful women wearing peacock feather headgears.

The Dayak ethnic community living in the capital of West Kalimantan held an annual festival called the Dayak Gawai Week from May 18 to 24. The 26th festival took place at the traditional house, Rumah Betang or Rumah Pajang, on Jl. Soetoyo, Pontianak. Continue reading »