Dec 292011

Gunung Halimun National Park, The Mountains of the Mist, a largest remaining rain forest in Java.

Gunung Halimun National Park, Sundanese for “The Mountains of the Mist”, is the largest remaining primary lowland forest in Java. Each year visitors come to Gunung Halimun to explore mountainous terrain, canyons, rivers and waterfalls, natural hot springs, tropical forests and tea plantations at the center of the Park.

Established in 1992, the Park is a nirvana for the native wildlife of West Java with an abundance of untouched wildlife and stunning scenery. Comprising an area of approximately 40,000 hectares, the Park is home to more than 200 species of endemic, rare and common birds such as the endangered Javan Hawk Eagle, as well as several species of primates, including the endangered Javan Gibbon, Javan Leaf-monkey and Black Leaf-monkey. Continue reading »

Nov 142011

Photo: Courtesy of Gunung Rinjani National Park

The Provincial Government of West Nusa Tenggara and four districts in Central Lombok island are in the middle of completing the proposed filing requirements Gunung Rinjani National Park (GRNP) to be defined as the world’s geopark.

“It’s attempted to be completed later this year in order to be forwarded to the National Committee on the Proposed Geopark Submission, in the beginning of 2012 to be followed up according to procedure and mechanism proposal,” said the Head of Planning and Development (Bappeda) province of West Nusa Tenggara (NTB) Rosiady Sayuti, in Mataram on Saturday. Continue reading »

Jun 152011

Located near the border of the Park, Tangkahan Village is becoming an exemplary site of community-based ecotourism. Within this pilot project, former illegal loggers have learned to become trekking guides. Gaining their livelihood from the beauty of the forest, they are now the best guardians of its natural wonders.

The Leuser National Park in North Sumatra is a hidden paradise, one of the last places you can experience the rainforest at its best. Majestic trees, thick lush tropical vegetation interspersed with beautiful rivers, waterfalls, caves and hot springs combine to make this one of the most beautiful places on earth. This is also home for many endangered animals such as the Sumatran orangutan, the Sumatran tiger and the Sumatran elephant, to name but a few. Continue reading »

May 202011

Jakarta (ANTARA News) – The Ujung Kulon National Park (TNUK) and private company Asia Pulp & Paper (APP) inked a partnership program here on Wednesday to preserve and develop the world`s rarest Java`s rhinos.

Under the partnership program, APP would provide Rp3 billion in the first phase assistance.

The agreement was signed here on Wednesday between TNUK Head Agus Priambudi and APP Managing Director Aida Greenbury in the presence of Director General for Forest Protection and Nature Preservation Darori. Continue reading »

May 182011

by Inez Mahony

On Java, across a short stretch of water from Bali, is one of the most remote and fascinating national parks in Indonesia. Alas Purwo could be an enchanting travel destination for tourists and a treasure trove for those in the logging business.

The park, in the far southeast corner of Banyuwangi, covers 43,000 hectares of land consisting of savanna, mangrove forest, beach forest and lowland tropical forest. Continue reading »